We’re a locally owned family business that has been delivering home heating oil and furnace oil across Dartmouth for several decades. We are the customer-centric service providers that can deliver furnace oil, home heating oil, and diesel to your doorstep. We deliver 6 days a week from 8 am to 5 pm.

Connect with us today if you are located in Dartmouth and looking for great quality home heating oil.

Home Heating Oil & Furnace Oil

Quick Save Fuels is your full-service home heating and furnace oil service providers. We have the best options for oil delivery, installation, and maintenance. For oil delivery, Dartmouth residential, commercial, and agricultural customers can take advantage of our convenient and affordable service.

Why Should You Use Heating Oil?

  1. Best bang for your buck. The competitiveness of the market means costs are kept low for heating oil. Dartmouth area customers will find our prices are fair and affordable.
  2. Save money. Residential customers can start saving from the time of order and delivery with the Nova Scotia provincial home heating rebates.
  3. It’s safe. Heating oil is a stable, non-volatile, non-explosive heating option.
  4. Highly efficient. Heating oil burns hotter than natural gas, therefore requiring less fuel.
  5. Delivered to your door. We deliver to Halifax, Dartmouth, Bedford, and the surrounding areas six days a week.
  6. Convenient ordering. Use our mobile app or website to order your home heating oil. Dartmouth-based Quick Fuels team members will provide you with a quick supply.

Getting Started With Quick Save Fuels

You rely on affordable furnace oil and diesel fuel delivery to keep you warm throughout the winter months. With temperatures becoming increasingly unpredictable, reliable fuel providers are a vital ally to any home. Quick Save Fuels is a proven home heating oil company offering service to all corners of the Sackville area.

Submit your information today to request a quote for furnace oil. Dartmouth area customers can contact their local office for personalized service.

Have a question or need assistance with any part of the oil delivery and ordering process? Call us at 902-410-0410 or check out our FAQs page for help.