Welcome to Quick Save Fuels, your home oil heating experts in Halifax.
We offer furnace oil delivery across Halifax and offer convenient, all-in-one service packages. Unlike other fuel suppliers, we offer an affordable pricing structure that includes annual inspections and quality checks so that you can rest easy. On top of that, we provide fast oil delivery across Halifax.

We pride ourselves in offering the fastest customer service and providing 24/7 emergency response. We deliver more than just furnace oil within Halifax; we make sure you have everything you need to keep your home heating equipment in perfect condition.
We know how important it is for our customers to get high-quality oil for heating your home. That’s why we’ve put testing mechanisms in place to ensure you get untampered oil for your business and home, without falling victim to scams. Our products are safe for everyone in your workplace and home.

Quick Save Fuels Service Promise

  1. Quality furnace oil worth the value of your money.
  2. For fuel delivery, Halifax and other local customers receive exceptional customer service.
  3. A simplified all-in-one pricing structure.
  4. Full-service home heating oil. Halifax and surrounding areas can take advantage of a convenient and affordable package.
  5. Fast delivery.

Automatic Delivery Option

You can even opt to sign up for automatic furnace oil delivery from Quick Save Fuels. With our automatic supply service, you don’t have to worry about running out of heating oil. We’ll keep track of your energy consumption and refill your tank when it’s low, so you don’t even have to call to place an order. That means you’ll get an uninterrupted heating oil supply, which is especially important during the winter.

We recommend this option because it is the best and most convenient way to avoid running out of home heating fuel and going through all the hassle of placing your order every time your tank is empty.

Save a Few Extra Cents

You’d be surprised what a difference saving a few extra cents can make. The affordable pricing structure at Quick Save Fuels offers a reduced per liter rate for our heating oil. Halifax area competitors simply can’t deliver the same value.

We’re also the only fuel providers across Halifax whose price includes emergency service and a yearly tune-up. No other competitor can offer the valuable service that we offer for the money you pay.

Find out everything you need to know about our furnace oil and home heating oil delivery services. We are ready to meet your home heating requirements. Our team makes sure that for home heating fuel, Halifax area customers are always satisfied with our products and services.

Call us today at 902-410-0410 and speak with one of our sales representatives to place an order or get more information. Or, place your order through our online store.