Top Tips for Protecting your Fuel Tank for Spring & Summer

Warm weather is approaching. As temperatures continue to rise, and you turn your furnace off for the spring and summer, it’s important to keep your fuel tank in mind.

We’ve come up with some top tips during the warmer months.

  1. Having a full tank is the best way to prevent damage during the Spring and Summer. A full tank has less space for harmful moisture and condensation to collect thought the months the tanks are less used.
  2. You can potentially save with off-season prices, and oil’s long shelf life means that it will last long into the fall and winter when you need to start using it again for your heat and hot water.
  3. Regularly inspect your tank for cracks and other visible damage. Visually inspect the whole tank but pay special attention to the lower half of the tank as any leaks that begin here need to be addressed quickly.
  4. Annual tune-ups can ensure small issues can be caught early making them much more affordable to repair than large issues left unattended.