Modern Vision, Vintage Service – Ordering Options

At Quick Save Fuels we understand that ordering furnace oil is a personal choice for our furnace oil customers. No matter what location you are in from Sackville, Bedford, Halifax, Dartmouth, Timberlea to Tantallon and our most recent South Shore Bridgewater location at Quick Save Fuels we want you to be able to order your furnace oil, your way.

Customers who closely watch their tanks, enjoy ordering their furnace oil when they need it. With Quick Save Fuels it is fast, convenient usually next day delivery. Ordering with our Modern Vision, Vintage Service allows for online ordering through our user friendly app or by directly calling our in-office Quick Save Fuels Team.

Customers who want a more hands off approach to ordering their furnace oil have the convenience of using Quick Save Fuels auto-delivery service. This takes the guesswork out of when to order furnace oil. Quick Save Fuels takes on the task of watching your oil use and our local weather to make sure you don’t run low on furnace oil.

So, no matter where you are, Halifax to the South Shore, here at Quick Save Fuels we have you covered with our Modern Vision and Vintage Service ordering options. Staying warm has never been easier.