Why use Heating / Furnace Oil for your heating needs?

Safety, Cleanliness, Reliability and Economy are all great factors to consider when using furnace oil for your home heating needs.


Heating oil is a non-explosive fuel, and will not ignite when exposed to the flame on a typical match. This is due to its high temperature combustion point. Safety is always important when heating your home or business, so choosing fuel oil is a wise choice.


The heating oil industry has made great improvements over the last few decades, developing odorless oils and a substantial reduction in pollution emissions. A cleaner environment is paramount, and using high-efficiency equipment achieves a great reduction in emissions.


Due to advancements in technology, the reliability of heating oil systems has been greatly improved by the use of new tank materials, such as corrosion resistant steel, fiberglass, and polyethylene. These new tanks are not only very reliable, but their smaller footprints allow for their installation both indoors and out.  Any oil stove that is gravity fed IS NOT affected by power outages, and those that are not can be sustained with a low-power generator in the event of an outage. Maintaining heat in a power outage is key to your comfort.


Due to their superior heat output, oil-fired systems use much less fuel. Oil has been shown to heat water considerably faster than natural gas, and electric heating systems. This is due to the fact that fuel oil produces a much hotter flame than all other sources of energy! The cost of fuel oil is expected to increase at a substantially slower rate than that of natural gas and electricity in the future, which is a another point that further boasts the economical benefits of choosing oil.

For information on how to improve the efficiency of the furnace in your home or commercial space, call our heating oil specialists today!